Professor Takeuchi's Stereochemistry-A Programmed Study

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Ch. 1 Three-dimensional structure of molecules : (go to pdf version)

Ch. 2 Ethane and Butane : (go to pdf version)

Ch. 3 2-Butenes : (go to pdf version)

Ch. 4 Cyclohexanes : (go to pdf version)

Ch. 5 Lactic acid : (go to pdf version)

Ch. 6 Tartaric acid : (go to pdf version)

Ch. 7 Steroidss and sugars: go to pdf version

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This page is specially prepared for an Internet version of "Takeuchi's Stereochemistry",

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The Committee on Teaching of Chemistry, The Internationa Union of Pure and Applied Chemistry, as a project "Vertual Chemical Education".
Prof. Yoshito Takeuchi (Kanagawa University)
Prof. Haruo Hosoya (Ochanomizu University)
Prof. Masato M. Ito (Soka University)
Dr. Hiroshi Yoshida (Hiroshima University)

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Mr. Takashi Moriya.

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